Investment projects in the Canary Islands.

Investing in the Canary Islands has multiple advantages; The Canary Islands are an excellent commercial, logistic and service and technological transference platform between continents as they are linked to the main international commercial routes. This circumstance allows investors to run strategic projects in West Africa and Latin America from the Canary Islands with the proper legal security of a company based in Europe.

This Archipelago offers the most attractive tax incentive of the European framework: The ZEC, a tax instrument validated by the Community Authorities that, with its tax exemptions, offers the added value of being compatible with other REF incentives and further governmental aids and grants.

The ZEC is a low tax zone which is created in the year 2000 under the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) with the purpose of promoting economic and social development on the archipelago and which from January 1st 2015 extends the whole territory of the Canary Islands. One of the many advantages of the Zec is that it allows companies to operate at a corporate income tax of 4% instead of the 30% applicable in the rest of the Spanish territory. Furthermore, the companies established within the ZEC will also enjoy other tax benefits like a low income tax rate for non-residents and the complete exemption of indirect taxation for the activities developed within the operation area.

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